The Peerfunder Mission is to empower small businesses and entreprenuers through new methods of funding.

The Why

Jonathan, Scot, and Alex founded Peerfunder in 2015 to change the way businesses think about finance. During Jonathan's experience managing a small business he noticed a problem in his community: Growth Capital. Businesses like his weren't able to access capital they needed, despite showing promise. We recognize the important role that small businesses play in their communities, so we committed ourselves to improving financing options available for them.

While Peerfunder was looking for solutions in this space, we noticed a gap in the quickly growing crowdfunding sector. Many new businesses are able to demonstrate community support and early sales through crowdfunding, but are unable to leverage this traction through traditional financiers. Peerfunder is changing this one business at a time.

The How

Empower Small Businesses

We want to provide businesses with a better method for raising the capital they need to operate and thrive. Small businesses are attuned to their communities, and serve their needs best. Our services empower local entrepreneurs to grow and better serve their loyal customer base, because they know their community best.

Make Capital Accessible

Whether business owners use Peerfunder because they have been unsuccessful in obtaining financing through traditional methods, or because they would simply benefit more from having access to additional resources, our mission is to connect businesses to local investors with similar interests based on preferences provided by both parties.

Support Entrepreneurs

Ultimately, Peerfunder was created not only to develop local businesses, but to expand, inspire, and promote entrepreneurship. We provide the opportunity to be a part of a rewarding experience, by facilitating the growth and expansion of small and medium-sized businesses, and by introducing the market to revenue-based financing through crowdfunding.

The Who

Jonny Lam
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder
Scot Brown
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Cody Brown
User Experience Lead