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Sky Kingdom’s Crowdfunding Saga: Learning from Stonebound

By Cody | Sep 19, 2017

65% of campaigns on Kickstarter fail. That means that only 1 in 3 projects on Kickstarter succeed. It is only fitting then that it took Sky Kingdom Games three tries to finally find success. Misjudged funding goals, unclear branding, and poor component quality had sunk their first two attempts. Not easily dissuaded, the SKG team regrouped and tried again. Through determination, community engagement, malleability, and careful pivoting, the SKG team was able to hit and surpass their crowd funding goals.

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The Importance of Reviews for Crowdfund Campaigns: Learning from Clans of Caledonia

By Cody | May 8, 2017

The opening statement in the Man Vs Meeple review is everything a crowdfund campaign should strive for, and everything Clans of Caledonia has achieved. It’s finished, it’s polished, it’s tested, and it’s been in the hands of trusted reviewers and shown over video from independent sources. This is how a crowdfunded board game should be done. This is how to take a euro game about Scottish whisky and raise 230,000 euros (whiskey helps too).

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A Crowdfund Campaign Review: The Gladius

By Cody | Apr 27, 2017

Today an interesting crowdfund popped up on Indiegogo’s official twitter feed advertising a new submersible drone that you can control with your phone to take underwater video.

Named the Gladius, the prototype looks to be of excellent construction and has already been shown off to a couple of tech review websites. With an endorsement from Indiegogo and a bit of media buzz, we decided to dive into the campaign page and take a look. Our findings are not positive for the underwater drone.

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