How Peerfunder Revenue Sharing Works

Steps to recieve a loan


To apply, businesses must fill in the application and upload bank statements, financial forecasts, and tax returns to Peerfunder's secure and encrypted database.

Screening Process

Once you submit your application, it will take us up to 48 hours to analyze your application, and assign you a Peerfunder Score. This will determine your credit worthiness, amount of funding, and investment multiple.


Once you sign the revenue sharing agreement, agree to the terms and conditions, and send us a voided cheque, we will transfer your funds to your business bank account.


Starting from the first month of receiving your funds, Peerfunder will start taking a small percentage of sales that will go towards repaying your loans.

Revenue Auditing

For the duration of the loan, we need you to submit monthly revenue reports and quarterly bank statements. This is to ensure you are paying the right amount and are on track to pay off your loan.

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